Residential Services

We have spent years developing relationships with the permitting agencies in Mississippi and Alabama and have a unique understanding of what each agency requires. We can produce all the required designs, details, and documents necessary to permit along the high-wind region of the Gulf Coast. All we ask from our clients is a floor plan and elevations and we do the rest. Our services include design of stick-built plans, trusses, remodels, ICF construction, SIPS construction, piling houses, crawlspace houses, basements, slab on stem wall, and monolithic slab houses. We have provided engineering services for over 1,000 homes along the Gulf Coast. We focus on providing a Residential design you’re happy with that will meet all the requirements of the code.

We are proud of the client list we’ve built. Our clients include volume builders, custom home builders, residential drafters, architects, and homeowners building their own home.

What to expect working with us

“Success for us here at Bethel Engineering is knowing we have a happy customer. We like to be able to guide our clients through the often difficult permitting process related to new home construction. Our final product should make the permitting and construction of their home successful.”

Whether you’re needing a Residential or Commercial service, or wishing to have your building receive a Fortified Evaluation, our team at Bethel can help you each step of the way.


Bethel receives the architectural house plans in a CAD format from our client’s designer or architect.


Bethel provides the foundation plan and details, framing plans, framing details, shear wall plan, and roof plan.


The client submits Bethel's plans to the local building official for permitting.


Bethel responds to any comments the building official may have on our client's behalf.