FORTIFIED Evaluation Services

We have certified FORTIFIED Evaluators that help walk you through the process of getting your home certified with a “FORTIFIED” designation.  This designation sets your home apart and gives you a peace of mind that your home built here on the Gulf Coast will be built to minimize damage in the event of a storm. Being a FORTIFIED designated home brings with it a greater quality of life through increased safety, as well as many economic benefits including less financial risk, lower repair costs, and less disruption for you and your family after an event. Both public and private insurance companies also give discounts, premium credits and incentives in having a FORTIFIED built home.

Members of our staff have years of experience and are certified FORTIFIED Home Evaluators (tm). Bethel engineers take great pride in making sure your certification is done properly. See which one of our FORITIFIED certified staff members can assist you today.

If you are building along the Gulf Coast, you are probably already building a house very close that of one with a FORTIFIED certification. We at Bethel will walk you through this simple and inexpensive process to reap all the future benefits of having FORTIFIED designated home. Read more here about FORTIFIED Home Design process here.

What to expect working with us

“Success for us here at Bethel Engineering is knowing we have a happy customer. We like to be able to guide our clients through the often difficult permitting process related to new home construction. Our final product should make the permitting and construction of their home successful.”

Whether you’re needing a Residential or Commercial service, or wishing to have your building receive a Fortified Evaluation, our team at Bethel can help you each step of the way.


Bethel receives the architectural house plans in a CAD format from our client’s designer or architect.


Bethel provides the foundation plan and details, framing plans, framing details, shear wall plan, and roof plan.


The client submits Bethel's plans to the local building official for permitting.


Bethel responds to any comments the building official may have on our client's behalf.