Civil Engineering Services


Our Engineers will observe and create a solution that will produce an effective outcome to your plan. We understand how valuable home projects can be to our clients and promise to provide quality service. Whether you are needing something as simple as a retaining wall to a more advanced drainage design, Bethel will provide you with an optional solution. 

Land Disturbance Permitting (Residential and Commercial)

We provide clients with tier one or tier two land disturbance permit when required. A full site plan will be provided to a local building official for permitting. Our site plans include detention pond design, stormwater design, retaining walls, erosion and sediment control design, and grading. All correspondence with the permitting agent will be handled by our civil department.

Commercial Construction Plans

Our Civil Engineers have the knowledge and experience that is necessary when designing Commercial Construction plans such as, Convenient Stores, Warehouses, and Retail Buildings.

Subdivision Construction Plans

Bethel has partnered with numerous Contractors and Architects to provide quality Civil Engineering services to residential and industrial subdivision developments.

What to expect working with us

Our goal is to provide the best civil design services to create unique projects that meets our clients schedules and budget requirements. We assist our clients by taking care of all design elements outside the building such as site layout, grading and drainage plan development, detention and retention design, and stormwater management. We can provide site development for projects small and large, from simple residential site plans to large scale developments such as, commercial developments and recreational complexes. We have spent years developing relationships with the permitting agencies in various states, including Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida and have a unique understanding of what each agency requires. Contact us for any help moving forward with future development.

“Success for us here at Bethel Engineering is knowing we have a happy customer. We like to be able to guide our clients through the often difficult permitting process related to new home construction. Our final product should make the permitting and construction of their home successful.”


Bethel receives the architectural house plans in a CAD format from our client’s designer or architect.


Bethel provides the foundation plan and details, framing plans, framing details, shear wall plan, and roof plan.


The client submits Bethel's plans to the local building official for permitting.


Bethel responds to any comments the building official may have on our client's behalf.