Fortified Levels

By Hannah Souder - March 23, 2018

If you are building a house along the Gulf Coast, you are probably already meeting most of the requirements for a Fortified certification. Here at Bethel, we will walk you through this simple and inexpensive process to reap all the future benefits of having a Fortified designated home.

A Fortified home follows a set of engineering and building standards designed to help strengthen new and existing homes. Most of these standards have been adopted by local building officials making obtaining a fortified designation relatively simple. The Fortified home program has three levels of designation—Bronze, Silver, and Gold—that build upon each other, allowing you to choose the desired level of protection that best suits your budgets and resilience goals.

The Bronze level is the most basic level of certification and can be accomplished with a new build or a re-roof. The Fortified Bronze level addresses the roof system and gable overhangs.. Upgrades reduce wind and water from entering the attic through the roof covering and vents.

In addition to the roof system addressed in the Bronze level, the Fortified Silver level addresses windows, doors and attached structures.

Gold is your highest level of fortified home certification. The main difference between silver and gold is the engineering of the plans.

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