Fortified Re-designation

By Hannah Souder - June 19, 2018

A great advantage of a fortified home is the discount you receive on your homeowner's insurance. To keep that discount, you will want to get a re-designation of your fortified certification 5 years from your initial designation. For more information, watch this video or email Hannah at to schedule your re-designation!

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Structural Engineering - Foundations

By Hannah Souder - April 16, 2018

Here at Bethel, we try and make every step of your home building process smooth and clear! Watch this new video as Courtney gives us a general understanding of what you can expect during the Structural Engineering process.

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Roofing Elements for Fortified Engineering

By Hannah Souder - March 12, 2018

We want to highlight some of the critical Fortified elements that occasionally get missed in the field. Documentation is critical to ensure that a designation can be achieved. Please note that these are just a few of the requirements necessary to obtain a Fortified designation.

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Fortified Overview

By Hannah Souder - January 16, 2018

Have you heard about our Fortified Home Certification program? We can help you ensure your house is prepared for the harsh weather that accompanies hurricanes and tropical storms. And this certification can help you save money on your home-owners insurance!

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